Where Can You Find Pictures of Old Refrigerators?


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Numerous home design websites, including OldHouseWeb.com, Houzz.com and RetroRenovation.com, have pictures of vintage refrigerators. Appliance restoration companies such as AntiqueVintageAppliances.com also provide images of vintage refrigerators.

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Restored vintage refrigerators sell for $2,500 to $6,000, according to OldHouseWeb.com. Much of this cost is for the labor that is necessary to refurbish old appliances.

It was the brewing industry that first realized the major advantages refrigeration offered, as it enabled them to produce uniform products all year round. According to History Magazine, S. Liebmann’s Sons Brewing Company was the first company to utilize mechanical refrigeration in 1870. The meat packing industry followed suit a decade later. By 1884, refrigerators were found in most American homes.

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