Where Can You Find Pictures of Different Front Porch Styles?

Find pictures of different front porch styles on sites such as HGTV.com, Front-Porch-Ideas-And-More.com, Houzz.com, CountryLiving.com and SouthernLiving.com, as of 2015. Each site offers both standalone pictures as well as longer articles covering the different elements of each design, including paint choices, furniture options and organizational methods.

HGTV.com contains multiple collections of porch design concepts, including porches for houses with beach or ocean property, homes in suburban areas and homes with limited space available. It also contains planning guides to help users prepare for a porch renovation project and pictures of actual porch makeovers from its various home improvement programs. Front-Porch-Ideas-And-More.com offers categories for different porch designs, such as enclosures, three-season porches and porches with various types of columns. The site also offers separate sections for porch decoration pictures in addition to porch construction pictures.

The Porches section of Houzz.com features images of real projects from various construction and design firms, many of which also include a description of the project materials and process. Each entry on the site also contains tools for sharing over social media and rating the overall project. CountryLiving.com contains multiple image galleries of different porch designs, some of which appear in its print magazine counterpart. The front porch image galleries on SouthernLiving.com typically feature a single picture along with a title for the general porch style and a description of its key features.