Where Can You Find Picnic Pavilion Design Information?

Search for picnic pavilion/shelter design information on websites such as Jim Barry's Woodworkers Workshop, My Outdoor Plans, Enwood Structures, Sandcreek Post and Beam, and Poligon. Some of these websites come with free plans, while others show photos of different picnic pavilion designs or the steps of picnic pavilion construction.

Jim Barry's Woodworkers Workshop provides links to several free picnic pavilion/shelter plans from My Outdoor Plans and other websites that take the reader step by step through the building process, with accompanying illustrations showing the major stages of construction. Plans also include lists of materials and tools needed to complete the buildings.

The Raleigh & Raleigh II, The Springwood, The Wilmington, The Timberland and The Magnolia are some picnic pavilion designs available from Enwood Structures. Designs vary in size, shape and construction. Designs come with straight or curved pillars, and shapes vary from rectangular to octagonal.

Sandcreek Post and Beam has a photo gallery of different designs for picnic pavilions and other post-and-beam structures. Many of the pavilions have a wooden construction with metal roofs. Picnic structures from Poligon include steel, fabric and wooden structures. Shape options in the wooden category include square, rectangle, hexagon, octagon and bandshell. Customization options are also available.