Where Can You Go to Pick up Someone's Unwanted Furniture?


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Flea markets, consignment stores, yard sales and street corners are all places to find others' unwanted furniture. Many resources online, such as Craigslist, also provide listings of locations to pick up discarded household items.

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Apartment Therapy offers ideas about how to pick up free furniture. In addition to recommending a pair of online sources, the site recommends street corners (especially on heavy-trash pick-up day) and college dormitories on move-out day as two places to find furniture for free.

Not all unwanted furniture can be found free of charge. Visiting local flea markets and yard sales is a good way to find old and unwanted furniture that is very cheap. Check listings in your local paper for flea markets and yard sales to find the most convenient times and locations.

Consignment stores, too, are wonderful places to shop in person for unwanted furniture. When people no longer want their furniture, they can sell it to a consignment store that, in turn, sells the furniture back to the public, occasionally refurbished or repaired. Some consignment stores specialize in selling antique or vintage furniture, which can make shopping there fascinating and fun, but also the most expensive option on the list by far.

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