How Can You View Photographs of Duncan Phyfe Furniture?

View photographs of Duncan Phyfe furniture by going to the websites, and, in its section on the Millford Plantation. In addition, the entry for Duncan Phyfe in the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History on the website for the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains several photographs of some of the furniture designer's signature pieces. is a home design website where architects and designers can share photographs of rooms they have decorated. As of November 2015, this site has over 50 pages of photos of rooms featuring Duncan Phyfe furniture. These range in kind from dining room sets and cabinets to sofas and accent tables. Some of these pieces have been repainted and/or reupholstered, while others are still in their original forms. is an auction website that features seller-submitted photographs of Duncan Phyfe furniture available for purchase. Pieces of Duncan Phyfe furniture posted for sale on include drop leaf dining room tables, chairs and china cabinets. is the website for the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, which owns the Millford Plantation in South Carolina. One of the distinguishing features of the Millford Plantation is its collection of original Duncan Phyfe furniture. The section on the Millford Plantation on contains pictures of each item listed in the 1841 order of 47 boxes of Duncan Phyfe furniture for the plantation. These include walnut sideboards, a mahogany cellaret and a circular rosewood nightstand.