How Can a Person Remove Rust From Their Water Lines?

To remove rust from water lines, flush the entire system by running water at full force for 20 minutes. Rust often accumulates in water lines after the water pressure in the municipality's water system is changed. This dislodges rust and other sediment from the water main and carries it through water lines in homes.

It is not necessary to run all the taps in a home to flush rust from the water lines. However, it is a good idea to run more than one at a time to speed up the flushing process.

  1. Turn on multiple water taps

    Run cold water at full force from sinks or other taps in the home. The outdoor taps work well for this purpose when attached to garden hoses, since this allows the homeowner to water the garden while flushing rust from the pipes.

  2. Check the water quality

    Turn off the water, then turn on a single tap. If rust is not visible in a transparent drinking glass, the water lines have been flushed. If rust is still visible, however, flush the lines for another 20 minutes.

    If rust remains in the water lines after two or three flushes, contact a plumbing professional. Avoid washing clothing until the issue is remedied, since rust in the water lines can stain fabric.