How Can a Person Remove Iron Burn Stains?

To remove an iron burn stain from clothing or fabric, apply hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the scorch mark, then rinse it with water before laundering it. This method only works for minor burn stains, since heavily scorched fabric fibers cannot be repaired.

The sooner iron burn marks are addressed, the greater the chance for success.

Step 1: Apply hydrogen peroxide

Avoid saturating the fabric with peroxide by applying it with an eyedropper or a clean cloth. Keep the fabric damp for 15 minutes to 1 hour by continually applying the peroxide. Add a couple drops of ammonia after the first hydrogen peroxide application.

Step 2: Rinse the garment

Rinse the fabric with lukewarm water, then put it in the washing machine. Rubbing laundry detergent into the stain prior to washing it might improve the results. For faster cleaning, apply distilled white vinegar after the peroxide and ammonia.

This process also works on scorched carpet fibers. If the scorch marks are too deep or large to benefit from hydrogen peroxide, the ruined carpet fibers can be clipped. Glue fibers harvested from another area of the carpet to the clipped fibers to hide the scorch mark. Another option is to cut out the entire piece of carpet with the burn, then replace it with a fresh piece of carpet.