How Can a Person Move a Shed?

How Can a Person Move a Shed?

To move a shed by hand, empty the shed and use metal rollers on a wooden track to roll it to a new position. This method works well for moving a shed to a new location in the same yard. Moving it a long distance, however, requires the use of a flatbed truck and crane.

There may come a time when a homeowner needs to move a shed from one spot to another in the yard. The necessary supplies include a jack to elevate the shed, wooden planks and metal pipe rollers. Water pipe with a 2-inch diameter works well.

Step 1: Clean out the shed

Clean everything out of the shed until it is completely empty. This ensures the shed is as light as possible when the time comes to move it.

Step 2: Clear the new site

Clear the new area in which the shed will rest. Remove all debris and make sure the ground is level.

Step 3: Move the shed

Jack the back of the shed up and secure with wooden blocks. Jack the front of the shed up and secure it in place. Lay the wooden planks lengthwise under the shed, then place the rollers perpendicular across the planks. Lower the shed onto the rollers and push gently to the new location. As the shed moves off the back roller, place it in the front until it reaches the final destination.