How Can a Person Clean up Drywall Dust?


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To clean up drywall dust, suck up dust particles with a shop vacuum, then run additional hosing outside through a window or door. Alternatively, use an extra-long vacuum hose so the canister can be set outside while the homeowner vacuums inside.

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Vacuums often raise dust clouds, inhibiting the cleaning process, and filters are sometimes not powerful enough to capture the tiniest particles.

Step 1: Attach extra hose to the vacuum cleaner

An extra hose can be connected to the exhaust port on the back of the shop vacuum cleaner. Drag the other end of the hose through an open window or door so the dust is expelled from the house rather than trapped in the canister. If possible, pin the hose to the ground with a heavy object so the opening is facing away from the house.

Step 2: Install a high-quality filter

Experts recommend a high-quality filter for cleaning up drywall dust. These filters trap more particles, resulting in cleaner indoor air quality. Install the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Vacuum the dust

Vacuum the drywall dust from the floors, walls and ceiling. Make sure the vacuum canister or extra hose lengths are far enough away from the house to prevent dust from clouding back into the home.

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