How Can You Find Free Patio Furniture?

How Can You Find Free Patio Furniture?

To find free patio furniture, browse online classified websites for free furniture postings. Alternately, look out for good pieces on the city's large item pickup days or ask friends and family for hand-me-downs.

Run through the following steps to find free furniture online.

  1. Find online classified websites
  2. Online classified websites are good sources for free furniture.

  3. Choose a location
  4. Go to the main page for a specific city.

  5. Find the free section
  6. On, for example, the free items section is located in the "For Sale" category.

  7. Browse listings
  8. Browse listings for the desired items.

Freecycle is another popular classified website dedicated specifically to free items. This is also a good resource for finding free furniture.

Curbside trash pickup can also be a handy resource for finding free items. Many people leave heavier or larger items on the curb on large item pickup days, so this is a good time to browse around the neighborhood for free items.

Family and friends often hand down furniture pieces that they no longer need or use. Ask family members or friends if anyone has any patio furniture they do not mind giving away for free.

Although not free, garage sales can be good resources for very cheap items. Sellers often offer good deals at the end of the day in order to get rid of pieces before the day is through. Buyers can also often haggle with sellers to reduce the asking price.