Where Can You Find Parts for a Jiffy Ice Auger?

Feldman Engineering and Manufacturing offers parts for Jiffy ice augers on its website, JiffyOnIce.com. OK Hardware Store also sells a large selection of parts for Jiffy ice augers online and at its store location. FishUSA.com and Cabela's sell limited selections of replacement parts for Jiffy ice augers.

JiffyOnIce.com sells engine-related and transmission-related parts for two-cycle, PRO4, 4G , PRO4 Lite and 4G Lite Jiffy ice auger engines. Engine parts selections include recoil assemblies, on-off switches, carburettors, breather tubes and spark plugs, as well as engine shrouds, foam air filter elements, air cleaner covers and fuel tanks with fuel lines. The company also provides throttle levers and cables separately or complete throttle lever and cable assemblies, as well as oil fill dipsticks, cushion handles, carburettor gaskets and fuel tank caps.

JiffyOnIce.com's selection of transmission parts includes clutch pillars, washers, drivers, drums, pinion gear assemblies, capscrews, lock washers, set screws and lower gear case assemblies. The company also sells main gear and shaft assemblies, engine adaptors and washers for Jiffy transmissions.

OK Hardware Store sells Jiffy ice auger throttle rods, throttle control assemblies, throttle wires, throttle cables and lever and cable assemblies, as well as recoil starters, foam air filters, fuel caps, oil dip sticks, carburettors and recoil handles. The company ships online orders internationally, and customers can also visit the store location in Amherst, Wisconsin.

FishUSA.com sells replacement blades, spark plugs, tune-up kits and blade protector straps for Jiffy ice augers, and Cabela's sells replacement blades, fuel caps, two-cycle oil, four-stroke oil and four-stroke tune-up kits.