Where Can You Find Parts for a Dishwasher?


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Parts for a dishwasher can be bought on the websites Repair Clinic, Part Select and Amazon. As of 2015, these website provide customers with a list of parts for dishwashers from major manufacturers accompanied by their prices.

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The Repair Clinic website provides shoppers with access to lists for parts of different kitchen appliances, including dishwashers. Shoppers may be able to get discounts for the purchases they make. As of February 2015, some parts for dishwashers on this website include the dish-rack roller axle, rack adjuster and the center wash arm assembly.

Part Select’s website carries parts for different models of dishwashers from major brands. The site provides customers with a list of the most popular parts for dishwashers accompanied by their installation instructions. Some parts for dishwashers found on this site, as February 2015, include the lower rear rack wheel and axle kit, door catch kit and rack adjuster kit.

Amazon is one of the largest online stores for home appliances and other products. Amazon also stocks a range of parts and accessories for different kitchen appliances, including dishwashers. The website provides shoppers with prices, user reviews and ratings for different parts for a dishwasher. Some parts for a dishwasher on this website include the rack adjuster and lower rack wheel and axle kit.

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