How Can Parini Cookware Be Used on Glass Stove Tops?

Parini stainless steel, copper-bottomed, non-stick, enamelled and other types of pots and pans are all fine for use on conventional glass stove tops. Many newer glass stove tops use magnetic induction instead of the more traditional thermal induction; not every piece of Parini cookware is appropriate for use with magnetic induction stove tops.

As of 2015, Parini cookware is not common in the United States. However, this Chinese company manufactures cookware lines for many other companies, as well as marking products with its own branding worldwide.

Most cookware designed for stove tops works well on conventional glass stove tops. However, a round-bottomed piece of cookware, such as a wok, potentially introduces safety hazards by wobbling. It also transfers heat poorly because a flat stove top requires a large amount of the cookware's surface area to be in contact with the heating element for efficient heat transfer.

Newer types of stove tops use magnetic induction to cook food. In induction stoves, a magnetic field circulates through the cookware, and the resulting electrical resistance causes the cookware to heat up. Induction heats up the cookware very quickly, and it leaves the stove top cool to the touch. However, metal-to-metal contact is necessary for induction to work, so enameled pans cannot be used with induction stove tops.