Where Can You Find a Panasonic Microwave Fuse?

Panasonic microwave fuses are available for purchase on RepairClinic.com, ThriftyApplianceParts.com and ApplianceZone.net as of 2015. Select fuses are available on each site, and many of the fuses are also compatible with other microwave oven brands.

Panasonic microwave fuses available on RepairClinic.com include both line and thermal fuses. Each listing includes the fuse's part number and states whether it is a part from the original equipment manufacturer or an aftermarket part. ThriftyApplianceParts.com sells one 20-amp fuse, which also works with Samsung, GE, Kenmore and other microwaves. ApplianceZone.net also sells a 20-amp, 250-volt Panasonic ceramic microwave fuse, and the listing also provides the part numbers that this item replaces.