Where Can You Find Free Pallets?


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Common places to find free pallets include businesses that receive shipments on pallets, such as livestock feed stores, furniture stores, hardware stores and bulk shopping clubs. Construction sites often have materials delivered on pallets, but many construction companies do not give away free pallets.

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Where Can You Find Free Pallets?
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Regardless of where you look for free pallets, you must ask the business or company prior to taking the pallets. While many businesses stack pallets near their dumpsters, this does not necessarily mean that they are free for anyone to take. Many businesses that only receive shipments on pallets give them away at little or no cost, while some companies may reuse old pallets or recycle them with a contractor.

The size of a business has a large impact on finding free pallets. While many large chains and other companies either reuse their pallets or recycle them with other companies, smaller companies may just throw them away after receiving a shipment. Some large construction companies do not give pallets away, as they sometimes receive rebates from shipping companies for returning used pallets.

Because pallets are much larger and bulkier than other types of trash, municipal waste agencies and waste-removal companies may charge an extra fee for removing them. Small businesses can avoid paying these fees by giving pallets away to individuals who want them.

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