Where Can You Find a Pallet of Cheap Wood Pellets for Sale?

Pallets of wood pellets are available for purchase on WoodPellets.com and Lowes.com, as of 2015. Each company delivers to certain areas, and Lowe's also offers in-store pickup. WoodPellets.com only services certain areas, but it provides other retailers that sell wood pellets in areas it doesn't service.

Lowe's sells wood pellets in individual bags or pallets, with a limit of 100 bags per customer. Purchases of at least 50 bags, or approximately one pallet, are eligible for a 7 percent discount.

The Tractor Supply Company sells wood pellets in stores by bag or pallet. Pallet purchases are eligible for a $10 discount.

Pellet prices change by season, and are typically cheaper before October.