How Can You Paint Safely While Pregnant?

How Can You Paint Safely While Pregnant?

Paint safely while pregnant by getting permission from your physician, wearing protective clothing, ventilating the area well, and limiting exposure. Keep food and drinks out of the area, use paints that don’t contain harmful chemicals, and don’t scrape or sand old paint.

  1. Get permission to paint

    Call your health care provider, or make an appointment with him, to obtain his permission to paint.

  2. Dress well

    Put on long pants, a shirt with long sleeves, shoes that cover the entire foot, and gloves to protect the skin.

  3. Ventilate the room

    Open all the windows in the home, and turn on the fans to keep the air moving.

  4. Get some fresh air

    Take many breaks while painting the room. Go outside to get fresh air frequently.

  5. Eat or drink away from the paint

    Store snacks and drinks in a separate room to prevent accidental chemical or solvent consumption.

  6. Use paint without harmful chemicals

    Choose a paint that does not contain lead, mercury, ethylene glycol or biocides. Choose watercolors, tempera or acrylic instead of latex or oil paints.

  7. Refrain from scraping or sanding

    Ask someone else to perform the task of scraping or sanding existing paint, so that you don’t breathe in any of the dust.