Can You Paint Over ColorPlus Siding and What Kind of Paint Should You Use?


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Acceptable products to paint over James Hardie siding with ColorPlus technology are 100 percent acrylic topcoats. Stain or oil and alkaloid-based paints should never be used. ColorPlus touch up kits are available to repaint limited areas of siding.

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The structural warranty for James Hardie siding covers up to 50 years, and the ColorPlus finish warranty is for 15 years. Maintenance requirements involve re-painting approximately every 15 years. As the finish warranty doesn't include faults in the finish caused by field paint, it's important to apply these products according to the paint manufacturer's directions.

Color choices are best when compatible with the type of architecture of the house and the installation layout or imprint of the siding. The ColorPlus color categories are a good place to start if a change of color is desired. James Hardie provides a curated palette that includes colors in the warm, cool, dark, light and neutral ranges. The colors are linked to appropriate house types and settings.

Before painting, the siding must be clear of dirt or mildew and dry to avoid trapping moisture. Painting requires the weather to be clear and above the minimum temperature levels listed for the paint. The paint load on the brush should just cover the bristles to avoid drips.

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