Can You Paint Laminate Flooring?

It is possible to paint laminate flooring after first sanding and deglossing it. Consider painting on a primer before applying the top coat of paint to the laminate surface.

Laminate floors are inexpensive to put down, but may look bland and unattractive after a while. Give laminate floors a makeover with a paint job.

  1. Wash and sand floor
  2. Wash the floor with a tri-sodium phosphate solution to remove any dirt from the laminate. Once dry, sand the laminate with a 180 grit sand paper to remove most of the surface gloss. Sweep up debris.

  3. Use deglosser on floor
  4. Use a clean cloth to apply deglosser solution to the entire surface of the laminate. This solution helps remove any gloss that the sandpaper missed. Wait 10 minutes for it to dry.

  5. Paint laminate with primer
  6. Apply a heavy layer of primer to the surface of the laminate. Allow the primer to dry completely. If there is a lot of texture in the laminate, a second layer of primer may be required to help smooth out the flooring.

  7. Paint laminate
  8. Finish with a top coat of paint in the desired color. An outdoor paint will provide the durability and protection required for a laminate floor that sees heavy foot traffic. Apply a second coat, if needed, to help fill in the texture of the laminate.