How Can I Paint Clouds on a Ceiling?


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Painting the ceiling with clouds can create an atmosphere of soothing calm. It is easy to give an airy look to any room with the painted clouds on the ceiling. The base ceiling should be sky blue so as to paint white clouds. The materials needed are a cleaning broom, paper, pencil or marker, cloth, ladder, white paint, touch-up paint, tray, sponge and cardboard.

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The first step is to clean the ceiling completely. Shades and other fixtures on the ceiling need to be removed. It is better to have no furniture in the room for easy maneuvering. As a precautionary measure, cover the floor with either cloth or paper to prevent paint drips. Next, draw the clouds on the ceiling with a pencil or marker lightly. You will want it to look realistic, so paint the clouds any sizes and shapes.

Pour the paint in the tray and dab the sponge in the paint. Remove excess paint from the sponge by dabbing it onto the cardboard. Using the sponge paint the cloud shape. Let the center of the cloud be thick and let the paint get lighter around the cloud edges. Having such variations would make the clouds look realistic. With a clean sponge, clean up any errors with the base paint.

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