How Can You Paint Ceramic Tile?

How Can You Paint Ceramic Tile?

Paint ceramic tile by cleaning the surface, scuffing the tile with sandpaper, repairing any broken tile, applying primer, painting the tile, and sealing the new surface with urethane. Avoid painting tile that has repeated contact with moisture or high traffic.

  1. Clean the surface

    Use a heavy-duty household cleaner to remove grease, mold or other surface contaminants before painting the tile.

  2. Scuff the tile with sandpaper

    Use fine grit sandpaper to scuff the slick ceramic tile, giving the primer a surface to grip. Rinse away any dust you create while sanding, and allow the surface to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

  3. Repair any broken tiles

    Use caulk or epoxy filler to repair any broken or chipped tiles. Allow several days for these products to dry before coating them with paint.

  4. Apply epoxy primer

    Mask any surfaces adjacent to the tiles you do not intend to paint. Mix the primer per the manufacturer's directions and apply it to the tiles.

  5. Paint the tile

    Apply two thin coats of semigloss or high-gloss latex paint to the surfaces. Allow the paint to dry for two to three days before sealing.

  6. Protect the new finish

    Provide protection for the new surface by applying several coats of water-based urethane sealer. The sealer prevents wear in higher traffic areas so the tiles maintain their good looks for several years.