How Can You Find Out Which Parts Are Covered by an LG Dishwasher Warranty?


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The specific terms and conditions of an LG dishwasher warranty, including which parts are covered, is available in the product's owner's manual. The owner's manuals for most LG dishwasher models are available for download from the company's website as of 2015.

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Many LG dishwashers come with a two-year limited parts warranty that covers all components, which states that LG is obligated to cover the costs of any replacement parts. Most dishwashers also come with a limited labor warranty, but its length varies depending on the model. Some models only offer a one-year labor warranty, while other models cover the costs of labor for two years or more.

In addition to the limited warranty on all components, many LG dishwashers feature other warranties, such as a five-year limited warranty on the electronic control board and the dishwasher rack. Many models also feature a lifetime limited warranty on the stainless steel tub and door liner. Some models, such as the LSDF795ST, come with an additional 10-year limited warranty that covers the unit's direct drive motor.

All LG dishwasher warranties on products purchased in the United States are only valid for the original owner and only cover products that are used within the United States. All repairs or replacement parts under warranty for the remaining period of the original warranty.

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