How Can I Find Out the Age of My House?


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The age of a house is found through documentation related to the building and through identifying the design, style and materials used during the building of the house, according to About.com. Following the paper trail of a house is a good way to figure out its age.

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The tax roll is one example of a paper trail for a house. This is a document that lists the names of each person who owned the property before the current owner. It also lists the property value, which climbs at a steady pace over the years. When the document lists a larger than normal increase in property value, this usually means that a new construction took place on that property. If the property has always been used for residential purposes, this is likely the year the house was constructed. Other paper trails to look for include local newspapers, census records, insurance records, city plans and guidebooks.

Identifying the architectural style of a house is another way for homeowners to estimate the age of their homes. One way for homeowners to do this is by comparing the look of their home to online resources. Because most architectural styles are linked to certain historical periods, figuring out the architectural style gives the homeowner a range of years for when their home was built.

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