How Can You Organize House Cleaning?


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Better Homes and Gardens recommends creating daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual checklists as a solution to organizing housecleaning. A minimal checklist can also be created to cover the basic tasks that need to be completed when the regular cleaning schedule cannot be maintained.

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How Can You Organize House Cleaning?
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Organized Home recommends scheduling tasks beforehand to maximize efficiency. For instance, loading the dishwasher as soon as a meal is complete takes 10 minutes, and spraying the shower with cleaner after bathing takes less than a minute. A detailed checklist ensures tasks are completed based on the family's personal schedule, which reduces distractions and maintains the flow of the day.

Daily tasks may include loading the dishwasher, preparing meals and doing laundry. Weekly tasks should be focused on completing more time consuming tasks. Weekly chores typically include meal planning and shopping for household items, vacuuming and organizing clutter. Monthly tasks, such as cleaning windows, should be determined based on the household. Annual and seasonal checklists may include spring cleaning, which can take an entire weekend, and setting up or taking down holiday decorations.

Decide personal responsibilities for each family member, how long the task should take and when the task needs to be completed. Real Simple recommends multitasking throughout the day to stay on schedule and to minimize the amount of time needed to complete basic tasks. For instance, wiping down counters or cleaning the refrigerator while cooking a meal is an efficient way to complete daily tasks in the kitchen.

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