Where Can You Order Leader Refrigeration Parts?

Where Can You Order Leader Refrigeration Parts?

Leader Refrigeration parts may be purchased through Advanced Refrigeration Parts in Brooklyn, New York. The company is a manufacturer of parts and components for commercial refrigeration equipment.

Advanced Refrigeration Parts offers the full line of Leader Refrigeration replacement parts. On the company's website, select the category of the part needed, such as Evaporators, Compressors, or Fan Motors.

Selecting Evaporators, for example, presents the shopper with a selection of different types of evaporators for both reach-in and walk-in refrigerator units. Options here include low profile for walk-ins, thin profile or oval profile for reach-ins, and gravity coils. Selecting High Profile Reach In Evaporators, a list of four single and double motor compressors is provided, from which the shopper may select the unit best suited for his needs.

Choosing Compressors pulls up a page of low, medium, and high temperature compressors and condensing units. Most units are rated for indoor use, but a few are built to be used outdoors for remote compression applications. As stated in the banner at the top of the page, these units must be installed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Clicking on a component pulls up its specifications, such as output and dimensions, as well as the electrical requirements of the unit.