How Can One Wire a Home Light Switch?

can-one-wire-home-light-switch Credit: Laurence Dutton/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

In order to wire a home light switch you need wire cutters and wire nuts. Start by turning off the power from the circuit breaker, then remove the switch plate, strip and connect the wires and place the new switch in the box.

  1. Remove the switch plate

    Unscrew the switch plate. For this, you can use any type of screwdriver. However, a small one can save you time. Start with loosening the screws from the sides and gently remove the plate.

  2. Strip and connect the wires

    Go to the black and white leads and find the wires. A wire stripper tool is ideal for this task. The next step is to connect the black wires to the light switch. Make sure you secure the wires with screws. Using a wire nut, connect together the white wires. The green wire is also known as the ground wire. Attach this to the green terminal. Not all the devices have this wire.

  3. Place the new switch in the box

    Carefully push the new switch in the electrical box. Next, turn on the power to the circuit breaker. You need to check first if the new switch box functions as it should. If there are no problems, use screws to fix it in place. Make sure the box does not move at all.