How Can One Remove Grease Stains From Sofa Fabric?

To remove grease stains from sofa fabric, cover the stain with cornstarch for a few minutes, vacuum off the cornstarch, and wash the stain with dish soap. If necessary, blot it with ammonia solution followed by degreaser, and then rinse. Lastly, apply upholstery cleaner, and let the fabric dry.

  1. Apply corn starch

    Sprinkle the entire stain with cornstarch powder. Allow the powder to absorb the grease for a few minutes.

  2. Apply dish soap

    Drizzle dish soap over the stain, work the soap into the stain with your fingers, and let the soap sit for two minutes. Moisten a clean cloth with water, and blot the stain with the moistened cloth to remove the soap residue.

  3. Apply ammonia solution

    For stubborn stains, dissolve ammonia in warm water, soak a clean cloth with the solution, and blot the stain with the soaked cloth. Soak a clean cloth with water, and blot the stain to remove the solution.

  4. Apply degreaser, if necessary

    Saturate the stubborn stain with a citrus degreaser. Blot off the degreaser with a clean cloth, and rinse the stain with a water-soaked cloth.

  5. Apply upholstery cleaner

    Apply upholstery cleaner to the fabric to eliminate traces of cleaner. Rinse the fabric with a clean water-soaked cloth, and let the fabric dry.