How Can One Make a Snow Making Machine?


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A snow making machine can be made at home by assembling parts that can be found at most hardware stores along with a compressor that helps shoot the snow out of the machine. These parts must be assembled in a way that allows the snow to build up within the compressor valves and shoot out from the inside of the machine.

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Caps, nipples, elbow tees and air fittings will be needed in order for the snow machine to work. These parts should be assembled onto the compressor that is going to be used and it should be filled with water that will freeze when the temperature and conditions are right. Teflon tape and a drill will be needed in order for the machine to be created to specifications.

A home snow making machine will allow people to produce snow in their own area. It is cheap and easy to build. Many snow making machines require a pressure washer, but the compressor version does not require the use of a pressure washer. Only small amounts of snow will be made from a home snow machine. It is important to note that the compressor should not be turned off because it can cause extreme damage to the machine.

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