How Can One Make a Reversible Bedspread?


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A reversible bedspread is a fun and relatively easy project that requires two complementary fabrics, trim, scissors, sewing machine, thread and pins to cut out the pattern and sew it together into the finished project. A reversible bedspread can be an especially great choice for those who have young children, because if the kids spill anything or have any accidents, the bedspread can simply be flipped over.

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To begin making the reversible bedspread, one will need to first gather the proper materials and tools. Then one will need to calculate the width of the future bedspread by adding the width of the mattress and the drop length on each side of the mattress. Once this is measured, find the length of the mattress and add 20 to 25 inches for the part of the mattress that will be tucked underneath of the pillow. Make sure that the piece of cloth will lay perfectly on the mattress.

Next, the trim will need to be pinned on to the mattress on both sides of the bedspread. Now stitch the layers together and the reversible bedspread is complete. Feel free to add fun embroidery, pom-pom ends, quilting or other fun designs to match the room's decor.

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