How Can One Install Carpet on a Deck?


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Carpet can be installed on a deck by choosing the carpet, getting it cut to the correct size, cleaning the deck thoroughly and gluing the carpet down. It is important to use an indoor-outdoor carpet to ensure it is able to withstand the conditions that a deck area is exposed to.

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Once a good color and style has been picked out, the deck should be measured to decide how much carpet is needed for the deck. The length of the deck should be multiplied by the width and a few extra inches should be added to the total number to help have extra in the event of mistakes.

Cleaning the deck is one of the most important steps to laying carpet on a deck. The deck should be swept and should be power washed to ensure that there is no dirt or debris that could get stuck under the carpet. Once the deck has dried from washing, a sealant should be applied to help protect the deck.

Carpet on decks is generally glued down. This should take the longest time and the carpet needs to be laid on the glue slowly to ensure there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. Lay the carpet down in sections to ensure that proper care is taken.

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