Can One Convert an Electric Range to Gas?


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An electric range can’t be converted directly to gas, but it can be replaced by a gas unit. If new gas lines need to be run, it could be expensive to change over.

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The biggest issue with converting an electric range to gas is whether the house is already supplied with gas. If the house has other gas appliances but no gas supplied where the stove is located, a new pipe will need to be run. The plumber needs to make sure that there is enough gas to operate the new appliance and still supply the existing ones. In some cases, a larger pipe may need to be installed. The cost to install a new pipe varies, depending on how and where it is run.

The electrical circuit serving the stove may also need to be converted. A gas stove requires electricity to operate the electric ignitors for the burners. To save on gas, pilot lights are no longer used. The oven may also be electric, even though the stove is now gas. A new circuit breaker may need to be installed and the circuit converted for use with the new stove.

The electrical work is usually not a problem because the electrical demands of the new gas stove are not as great as the electric stove it is replacing.

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