How Can One Clean Bronze Cutlery?


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To clean bronze cutlery, start by wiping the pieces down to remove dust and debris. Use a soft cloth to apply bronze polish, wait a few minutes, and use a fresh cloth to wipe away the polish, repeating until the bronze is shiny. Wash with a mild dish washing detergent.

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  1. Remove dust and debris

    Use a soft cloth to wipe down each piece of cutlery, removing any dust or debris.

  2. Prepare to work

    Lay a soft cloth on top of a table. Put on polishing gloves to protect your hands from stains.

  3. Apply the polish

    Squeeze a small amount of polish onto a clean, soft cloth. Use a paper towel if the cutlery looks stained. Rub the polish onto the surface. Let the polish set for several minutes.

  4. Wipe the polish away

    Use a fresh soft cloth to wipe away the polish. If the bronze still looks tarnished, re-apply the polish, wait, and wipe it away again. Continue this process until the bronze flatware is clean and shining.

  5. Wash the cutlery

    Prepare a bath with a mild dish washing solution and warm water. Thoroughly wash the cutlery.

  6. Dry and store the cutler

    Use a soft, clean cloth to completely dry the cutlery. Wrap it in a dry cloth for storage.

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