Where Can One Buy a 12-Inch Trash Compactor?

A 12-inch trash compactors may be difficult to find as most major retailers such as Lowes, Best Buy and Sears only sell trash compactors with widths close to 15 inches. AJ Madison did sell the Broan 1051 12-inch trash compactor, but it has been discontinued as of 2015.

Best Buy has a variety of brands of 15-inch trash compactors including GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Electrolux. All of these trash compactors have a width of 14.88 inches or 15 inches. The smallest compactor available at Lowe's is a 14.87 inch Broan undercounter compactor. Most of the trash compactors offered by these retailers have a volume of 1.4 cubic feet.