How Can One Build a Deer Shooting House?


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According to Monte Burch, building a deer shooting house requires a few hand tools and basic woodworking skills. There are a number of house designs and building methods to choose from, but this guide teaches you the basic guidelines to follow.

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  1. Outline your deer shooting house

    Begin by outlining the dimensions and shape of your house. Keep some things in mind, such as door, window and box size, while you design your house. The door needs to allow easy access, the windows must be easy to handle and the box needs to fit two people.

  2. Gather all the materials you will need

    This includes nails, screws, tools, lumber, roof, door, windows and walls. Make sure the exterior materials are waterproof since the house will be placed outside.

  3. Cut out the sides and paint them

    Cut then prime and paint the outside walls and the inside surfaces below the window level. This is to ensure water will not penetrate and damage the house. Do not forget the doors, edges and shooting window covers.

  4. Build the platform, ladder and walls

    Start by cutting and building the platform and ladder. Once the platform is erected, attach the diagonal supports and deck. The next step is to attach the top wall supports, corner supports and walls.

  5. Attach the roof, ladder, door and window

    Connect the roof support. Put the roof on top of the stand with care. Attach the ladder, door and window to the house. Make sure all parts are attached, fit tightly and are waterproof.

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