How Can You Get Your Old Refrigerator Picked up for Disposal?


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To dispose of an old refrigerator via pick up, contact a state energy office or local electric utility, consider municipal pickup or reach out to a scrap metal recycle company. If buying a new refrigerator, many retailers pick up the refrigerator for free following the delivery of the new one. By law, a person must properly recycle an old refrigerator, and experts must recover parts, such as oil and refrigerant.

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Many local electric utility and state energy offices pick up refrigerators for disposal. Some programs offer cash for those who recycle a refrigerator, and others offer credits on a utility bill. Many municipalities also offer pickups for refrigerator disposal and may offer services such as heavy trash pick up or recycling programs for appliances. Local scrap metal recycling companies may also recycle old refrigerators and may pay for the scrap.

Appliance retailers often pick up and recycle old refrigerators after a customer purchases a new appliance. Ask the retailer when buying a new refrigerator about the disposal program. Retailers that partner with the Responsible Appliance Disposal Program through the Environmental Protection Agency offer recycling of old refrigerators. These retailers recover chemicals, destroy any dangerous foams and recycle glass, plastic and metal.

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