What Can You Do With Old Glass Bottles?


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Old glass bottles are reusable as mounted vases, torches or newspaper holders. Designers collect these bottles to form decorative vessels for use in homes and offices. With the help of a few tools, home owners also reproduce these projects at home.

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What Can You Do With Old Glass Bottles?
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When old glass bottles act as flower vases, top plate connectors and short rods hold the old glass bottle at a distance from the walls. With the plate connector screwed to the wall, half-inch rods fastened to the plate connectors support the old glass bottle. A layer of foam mounting applied to split ring hangers holds the bottles in place. Filling the bottles with water helps in keeping the flowers fresh for longer.

Designers also use old glass bottles as open-flame torches for use in the backyard. A top plate connector holds the accessories on a wall, while a rod protruding from the plate supports a split ring hanger that holds the bottle. A copper coupling wrapped with Teflon tape holds the wick into position at the middle of the bottle opening. Old glass bottle torches both add ambiance to the backyard and keep mosquitoes away.

Glass bottles with a wide opening help to keep rooms tidy when used as newspaper holders. When decorated using differently colored stripes, old glass bottles also form attractive stationery holders.

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