Can an Old Clorox Bottle Be Considered an Antique?


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Not all old Clorox liquid bleach bottles are antiques, since some are not old enough to receive such classification. However, early Clorox bottles are collectors' items and classified as antiques.

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Clorox first begin distributing its product to private households in 1913. Horse-drawn carts delivered the 5-gallon containers in San Francisco. The introduction of smaller 15-ounce amber bottles followed in 1918, but these same bottles were mass-produced to hold a large variety of liquids. Because of this, unless the original label or a legible remnant remains on the bottle, it's impossible to tell if it originally contained Clorox or another product. Bottles that contained Clorox after are identifiable by a variety of markings including handle styles, markings, etched lettering and glass texture. Collecting these is a growing trend among old bottle enthusiasts, as of 2015.

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