Where Can an Oil Filled Radiator Heater Be Purchased?


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Oil filled radiators are available at WalMart, Target and The Home Depot. These heaters provide a quiet, yet efficient method of supplementing the heat in a home or warming a small space.

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Oil-filled radiators provide radiant heat and need no fans. They offer many different temperature settings to adjust the temperature to the desired comfort level. The sealed oil inside the unit never requires changing or refilling. Most oil-filled radiators provide a switch to allow the user to set the unit to a high, medium or low. The thermostat turns on the selected heating elements to provide the warmth. The oil inside the unit retains the heat, so the radiator continues to provide a small amount of heat with the power in the off position. The heat they produce tends to be less drying than a fan heater.

When compared to other portable electric heaters, oil-filled radiators provide safe and low-cost heating. They have tip-over protection that automatically stops the flow of electricity if the device is knocked over. Many also offer protection from overheating that prevents injury. They produce no fumes and are compact in size. Some portable units have wheels that make moving the heater to another room. Most units provide enough heat for approximately a 12-by-12-foot room.

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