How Can You Obtain an Accurate Carpet Cost Estimate?


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Obtain an accurate carpet cost estimate by determining the amount of carpet you need, calculating the cost of the carpet, and adding the cost of padding and installation. Hidden costs can increase the total sum of installing a new carpet.

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When installing a new carpet, take into consideration the cost of removing the old carpet, having the new carpet delivered, the cost of installation and any promotional deals for which you may erroneously expect to qualify. If installing carpet over a floor that was previously hardwood or tile, transition strips may be necessary, incurring additional costs. Additional hidden fees include the cost of disposal for the old flooring materials and the possibility of correcting a poor installation.

Typically, carpet manufacturers design carpets to require between 10 and 20 percent more surface area than the actual square footage of the room being carpeted. Determining the amount of carpet you need can become complicated if the room is not rectangular, as well. When choosing carpeting materials, olefin carpets tend to be the cheapest, while wool and nylon carpets are often the most expensive. Some carpet companies charge per square foot for carpet padding and installation, while others charge a one-time fee per project.

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