How Can the Number of Bricks Needed for a House Be Determined?

The number of bricks required to build a house can be determined by first calculating the total number of square feet that will need to be taken up by bricks, and then after deciding upon the desired brick size, checking a brick estimation chart or calculator, such as those available at the Engineering Tool Box website or There are more than 10 residential brick sizes available, ranging from the standard size, which requires 6.27 to 6.3 bricks per square foot, up to the larger utility size, which requires 3.03 to 3.1 bricks per square foot.

Both the Engineering Tool Box and websites also provide visitors with a means of calculating the amount of mortar that is required for their particular application.

For interior or exterior facade projects, the "Thin Brick" link on the Interstate Brick website provides a means of calculating the required number of thin, or modular, bricks that are needed to cover an area of pre-built wall with a thin brick outer layer or veneer.