Where Can Nova Kool Refrigerators Be Purchased?


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Nova Kool refrigerators are available for sale at EnviroCitizen.org, Backwards Solar and Solar Sphere. The refrigerators come in a variety of different sizes, layouts and colors, so shoppers can find the right fit and look for their available spaces.

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These retailers furnish environmentally friendly products along with tools for harnessing solar or wind power to reduce reliance on public electricity grids. EnviroCitizen.org provides information on green energy and how-to guides for converting to more natural living alongside its selection of ecofriendly products such as Nova Kool refrigerators. Backwoods Solar makes it easy for shoppers to purchase online and provides a contact number for questions related to shipping costs for large refrigerators or other customer service-related information. The online retailer also hosts a Learning Center that dispels much of the confusion surrounding green energy and ecofriendly product use.

Solar Sphere provides a clear outline of the ecofriendly benefits of each Nova Kool refrigerator product, so users can understand at a glance how their new fridges impact the environment. Many Nova Kool refrigerators use environmentally sound 134a refrigerant and have CFC-free foam insulation to keep cold air trapped inside. An efficient design allows the fridge to run on 12 or 24 volts of power.

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