How Can Noritake Patterns Be Identified?

To identify Noritake patterns, search for the mark of the company on the chinaware. On the newer Noritake pieces, the pattern name should be given with the company's stamp. If the pieces have a number etched on them, use it to identify the Noritake pattern by referring to the official website of Noritake. Use the Noritake Collectors Guild to identify the pattern on older chinaware. Alternatively, obtain the information from antique dealers and Noritake reference books.

The Noritake stamp, comprising normally of the company name, a wreath with an M within it and the words Nippon or Japan, is located at the bottom on the rear side of fine-china decor and dinnerware items.

When accessing the official website of Noritake, click on Collections towards the top left of the page, and then click on All Patterns in the box that opens up. Now, click on Pattern Name under Sort By, and browse through the various patterns given with their corresponding pictures. Click on each pattern to know the corresponding pattern number.

On the Noritake Collectors Guild website, hover the cursor over Our Projects located towards the center top of the page, and click on Noritake Backmarks Knowledge Library. Then, click on the various decades from 1900 to 1990 to determine the date of the chinaware based on the company stamp. The details given against each company stamp can help to identify the Noritake pattern.

Antique dealers and collectors maintain online databases of the pattern names of Noritake chinaware. Access a library to identify the Noritake pattern using reference books.