Where Can You Find Mountable Toaster Ovens?


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As of March 2015, no appliance companies manufacture under-the-counter or mountable toaster ovens, possibly due to potential liability issues. Black & Decker formerly manufactured some mountable models under the SpaceMaker name.

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Black & Decker's SpaceMaker models were the last known mountable toaster ovens on the market. They were last produced in 2012 or 2013 and sold exclusively at Target stores. Some new and used SpaceMakers can be found for sale on sites such as Amazon.com or eBay, but usually at a significant mark-up from their original retail price. The TROS1000 model listed on Amazon has a four-slice capacity with seven toast-shade settings and an LCD display.

Regular toaster ovens cannot be safely mounted under a cabinet, as they emit too much heat and create a fire hazard. The SpaceMaker models came with a special heat shield for the top of the unit, but there is no comparable item available for other toaster ovens. Concerns about accidental fires and the potential for lawsuits from consumers may be why Black & Decker ceased production of the SpaceMaker toaster oven and why no other companies produce one despite demand from some consumers.

Buyers purchasing a used mountable toaster oven should ensure that the heat shield is included and that it is undamaged and installed correctly before use.

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