How Can You Mount a Large Microwave?

In mounting a large microwave to the wall beneath a cabinet, a template must be properly affixed to the wall prior to attaching the oven. The mounting plate is then attached to the wall according to the template, with the oven hung on the support tabs.

The first step to mounting a microwave to a wall or underneath a cabinet is to measure the installation area with a tape measure and to find the center. The studs in the wall also need to be located and marked. The template provided with the microwave may be attached to the wall by lining up the center of the wall with the center on the paper sheet. A hole must be marked at each corner of the template; at least one of these holes must pass through the wall stud.

Mounting plates must be affixed using a 3/8-inch bit -for toggle screws- or a 3/16-inch bit -to accommodate lag screws on wall studs. The template is used to assure proper alignment of the mounting plates in relation to the center of the installation area. A 2-inch hole is also drilled into the wall or adjacent cabinet to feed the oven's power cord through. Two persons may be needed to lift the microwave into position and tuck away the power cord.