How Can Mites Be Exterminated?


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Eliminate mites from a home by determining the host species bringing them there and eliminating them first. Synergized pyrethrins kill mites on contact but only last a few hours. Permethrin or bifenthrin sprays last several weeks, but are only for application along baseboards.

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How Can Mites Be Exterminated?
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Mites are very small arthropods that live on birds and rodents. Birds nesting in the soffits of the home, mice or rats bring the pests with them. Exterminating the host species often seems to increase the number of mites, as they leave the dead animals in search of more food.

Listening provides an effective means of determining if the mites come from birds or rodents. The chirping of nesting birds means the mites are from that source. Roof rats make noises in the attic after entering the home through holes near the roofline. Mice often enter through small holes surrounding plumbing.

The use of a desiccant powder, such as diatomaceous earth, keeps the mites from spreading. Homeowners should wear protective gear when removing nests for the prevention of mite bites.

Effective removal of rodent mites involves eliminating their access into the home. Plug access points with material such as copper wool or rodent-proof hardware cloth.

Once mites enter the home, they sometimes find pet birds or rodents, such as hamsters as a new host. If mites are a problem, owners should have a veterinarian examine these pets.

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