Where Can You Find a Mini Washer/dryer Combo?


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Camping, wilderness, and compact appliance stores sell mini washer and dryer combinations. These washer and dryers are available in freestanding options that attach to a sink using a hose kit and to electricity through a power cord.

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Washer and dryer combination appliances allow users to wash, rinse and dry their clothes within the same unit. Most mini appliance options use standard settings, but upgrades are available to offer soak cycles as well as longer drying times. Hoses and electrical cords are requirements for using this type of compact appliance and are included with most units.

The capacity size of mini washer dryer combos ranges from 1.8 cubit feet to 2.3 cubic feet. This capacity allows for a 13 pound wash cycle and 6 to 7 pound dry cycle. Mini washer and dryer combos use a ventless drying system. This system uses the heat it creates during the wash cycle to dry the clothes. This does take longer than traditional dryers, requires electricity, and cannot be used in homes or environments that use gas as a power source.

Manufacturer warranties are standard with most modern washer and dryer combinations. Mini washer and dryer combinations should not be confused with stackable washer and dryer units that place the dryer on top of a washing machine in order to conserve space.

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