Can Miele Dishwashers Be Installed Without Professional Help?


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It is possible to install Miele dishwashers without the help of a professional by referring to the installation instructions manuals found on the official Miele website. To complete the installation of a Miele dishwasher, however, some technical knowledge may be required.

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Although many installation instruction manuals for dishwashers can be applied to any model, it is recommended that customers use the manual for the specific model being installed, which is available on the Miele official website. To begin the installation, install the steam deflector, mounting brackets and slide skis in the area of the counter top where the machine will sit.

Once these are installed, slide the dishwasher into place ensuring the electrical cable and hoses can reach their connecting points. Level the legs of the machine and install the control panel so that it is aligned with the drawer fronts of the adjoining counter top. If a custom door panel has been purchased with the dishwasher, that should be installed at this stage also.

Once the dishwasher is securely in place, make the plumbing and electrical connections. This is the most technical part of the installation, so if the user is unsure about making these connections, this is where a professional can help. Finally, test the machine to ensure there are no leaks or loose connections.

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