Can a Microwave Turn Itself On?


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A microwave can possibly turn on by itself owing to a mechanical, electrical or design flaw or an anomaly. A few of these flaws and anomalies are faulty boards, faulty switches, a stuck interlock switch in the microwave door or accidental activation of a heat sensor panel.

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Faulty switches and faulty boards are flaws within the microwave. The result is a microwave that turns on even after users press the cancel button. The manufacturer must replace the faulty switches, board or the entire microwave. A microwave's interlock switch ensures that the production of microwave energy is interrupted when the microwave door opens. If the switch is stuck, then the microwave keeps producing microwave energy. Heat sensor panels on microwaves are vulnerable to heat from other sources. Such a microwave positioned near a stove might occasionally appear to turn on by itself.

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