Where Can You Find Maytag Washer Parts Online?

Where Can You Find Maytag Washer Parts Online?

Find Maytag washer parts are online at RepairClinic, PartsSelect and Amazon. Buyers need to have the machine's model and serial number available when ordering parts online to reduce the chance of getting the wrong part. Some sites also offer written instructions or videos for installing the part.

A worn belt often causes a burning smell. As the belt wears and stretches, it becomes unable to spin the drum, turn the pump or move the agitator. Replacing the belt on belt drive machine fixes these common problems. Some machines use one belt, while others use two, so it's important to check before ordering a replacement.

A defective lid switch stops the machine from agitating or spinning, but it continues to fill with water. On a front-loading machine, the door switch also stops the machine from operating.

A Maytag washer that does not fill or fills slowly could require a new fill valve. A solenoid opens one or both valves to allow hot, cold or warm water to fill the machine. Older valves sometimes do not open completely, so the machine fills slowly.

Some Maytag machines use a plastic transmission pulley. These pulleys are easily broken. Replacement requires ordering a thrust bearing kit. The pulley is not available separately, according to PartsSelect.