Where Can You Get a Manual for an Amcor Air Conditioner?

Where Can You Get a Manual for an Amcor Air Conditioner?

Many manuals for Amcor air conditioners are available online at Manuals Online, a free database devoted to user manuals. The manuals are organized by model.

As of 2009, Amcor has stopped selling, distributing and maintaining air conditioners, so the manuals for Amcor air conditioners are not available through the company's website. However, American Comfort, a New Jersey-based air conditioner company, has purchased the rights to Amcor's products and can be reached by email to answer questions about legacy Amcor air conditioners.

American Comfort offers repairs and replacement parts for consumers looking to maintain their Amcor air conditioning units. American Comfort has full access to Amcor's research, allowing them to offer similar products that provide both cooling and dehumidifying processes. However, they are not making new models; customers looking to replace their Amcor air conditioning units are encouraged to buy a new American Comfort unit or are directed toward wholesale retailers that still stock Amcor products in their inventory lines.

Retailer Today's Concept sells the Amcor AMS181HX ductless split air conditioner as of 2015, along with an extended 10-year warranty, but the company does not sell any other Amcor products.

American Comfort can be reached at 6 Caesar Place, Moonachie, New Jersey 07074 or via telephone at 1-877-645-0299.